Phobias or anxiety? How to make a difference?

 It is important to find the border between phobias and anxiety. Even if the phobia according to the classification of the disease is an anxiety disorder, the difference between phobias and anxiety disorders is that there is no phobic structuration in people suffering from anxiety. In other words, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder, do not have a concrete object that causes fear. Psychotherapy is a center that can help you face your fears and find the cause of the problem and finally eliminate it.

They have an exclusive dominant feeling of strong anxiety of constantly expectant fear and worry that something bad will happen. They create situations in their mind that will never actually happen. Anxious people fear what the future will bring. On the other hand, the phobia is also characterized by feelings of anxiety, but only in situations when a person encounters an object that caused the phobia. Both phobia and anxiety rarely occur in isolation. Basically, these feelings appear when the person is surrounded by other people.

Types of phobias

Phobias are a wider group of neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders. It may sound like a complicated mental illness, but it cannot be classified as a mental illness. For some people, it is not even considered as a mental condition. Phobic conditions are very common, it is generally accepted as a problem because everyone has a phobia. Some of us express it more, while others express it less. We all have fears. Which is why this condition should not be defined as a medical condition but as a problem. Which, frankly, is quite true. But that does not make us “abnormal people”. It is known in psychology and psychotherapy that an ideal human being does not exist. We all have our own issues.


It represents a fear of open spaces, squares, and streets. The fear in these situations is usually accompanied by an anticipation of a panic attack or symptoms similar to a panic attack, which entails fear of death or insanity. As you can see, phobic conditions are related to panic attacks too. The reason for the occurrence of agoraphobia are: one can connect their previous traumatic experience with a specific place and have a panic attack on that specific place. When this happens the person will fear to go to the same place again because they don’t want to experience the same unpleasant feeling again. If this happens in an open street, for example, the person will fear from going out because they don’t want to embarrass themselves in front of other people. They think: What will people say about me? Will people think that I am crazy? Which is why they are deciding to stay at the comfort of their home and not be judged. The home is their safest place and they don’t want to expose themselves by going on “dangerous” places.

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