Mehendi designs and the 2018 innovations

Be it wedding season or not henna is fondly loved by women all across the world, especially in India. Especially now that the wedding season is approaching, brides are going to be colored in Arabic patterns of henna on her arms and legs. It is safe to say that no bridal look is complete without Mehendi on a bride’s hands. However, now that we are living in the twenty-first century, brides love the touch of Arabic designs in her bridal mehendi designs.


 bridal mehendi designs


The main characteristic feature of Arabic mehendi is that it has more if floral artwork in it whereas the Indian mehendi designs have more of geometrical designs.


Arabic mehendi, as one could make out from its name originated in the Arabian countries and South Asia such as India and Pakistan. Brides in India and Pakistan get married with henna all over her arms and the legs. Mehendi is said to be auspicious for the matrimony ceremony which is so pure. In fact, a mehendi design anywhere in the world is a combination of floral Arabic pattern and geometric Indian designs. The Arabic mehendi designs, however, is more bold with darker lines which is used by mixing brown and red henna. The outlining is done using black mehendi which gives away beautiful yet strong looking design.

black mehendi

The Indian mehendi design, on the other hand, is more precise and needs years have practice to be able to make it. The Indian henna uses very sleek and thin lines for making a henna design.


Now that we are in 2018 henna designs have taken a twisty curvy turn which has only made mehendi designs ever more beautiful. If you are a bride-to-be you have got to know some of these trends and mehendi designs which will be seen everywhere in 2018. Read below to discover these famous mehendi designs in 2018.

famous mehendi designs

  1. The most popular henna design of the year 2018 is the back of the hand henna. Girls are opting for the back of the hand over the front for obvious reasons: fashion and bohemian aesthetic. The back of the hand henna goes like small floral petals under the fingernails and a big flower like the design at the back of the hand. One can experiment more of such back-of-the-hand designs in different colors.

henna design

  1. Another trend to be seen in 2018 is the ‘bel’ which means henna design from the index finger drawn diagonally across the end to the end of the palm. This design is for the girls and women who are not very fond of henna covering their entire hand.


  1. If you have had just too much of Arabic mehendi designs, then try an inverted heart with random geometric designs in it. You can get extremely creative with the mehendi design such as this.

Arabic mehendi designs

  1. The newest mehendi design trend to be introduced in 2018 is the wrist mehendi. For ages, we have adored our palms and the fingers, why not the wrists? Girls like the idea of drawing a floral string across the length of the wrist.


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