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How To Beautify Your Breasts

beautiful breastsBeing happy and delighted with one’s physical appearance helps one to be self-confident. If you feel that some aspect of your body is somehow lacking or unattractive, it will surely impact your self-confidence negatively. One such aspect that frequently troubles women today is the size and/or shape of the breasts. This leads to serious efforts by women to find ways to enlarge and enhance their boobs. These days, most women want to have a slim and shapely bodies, but with large and uplifted breasts. So, if you want breast augmentation to add to your beauty and attractiveness, you are surely not alone!

One of the popular ways for achieving this objective of large and uplifted breasts is natural breast enhancement with Breast Actives. Another option that is popular among women for natural breast enhancement is Total Curve gel and pills.

There is no reason to be ashamed about your desire to acquire large, shapely and uplifted breasts. Both men and women see female breasts as a symbol of feminine beauty. Thanks to the influence of visual and print media, big and firm breasts are considered “sexy, beautiful and attractive”.

If you do decide that you want to enhance your breasts by making them larger, firmer and perkier, you have every right to make this decision. It is your body, and whether you should live with what you have or proactively takes steps to beautify it further is your business and yours alone!

If you choose to go ahead to increase the size of your breasts and/or improve their shape and allure, there are several options available to you today. To help you choose the right option for yourself, I am giving you a brief description of what is available.

Surgical Breast Augmentation

surgical breast augmentationFor most women, enlarging or enhancing their breasts implies surgical augmentation by inserting implants. However, this option is expensive, sometimes risky and often with adverse side-effects. Also, in most cases, one or two repeat surgeries are needed to replace leaking or damaged implants.

Consequently, there are women who feel that the very high costs, together with the possibility of unsatisfactory results and future adverse side-effects, makes breasts implants an unacceptable option.

Among such women, there are many who are actively seeking alternative methods of breast improvement that does not involve surgery and does not involve inserting implants into the body..

Non-surgical Breast Enhancement

Fortunately for these women, today there are other breast enhancement options available, that can effectively increase breast size and improve breast shape in a more natural manner, without having to go under the knife to invade your body and insert implants.

These options can include:

  1. Breast Enhancement Pills
  2. Breast Enhancement Cream
  3. Comprehensive System of Both Pills and Cream
  4. Breast Enhancement Exercises
  5. Breast Enhancing Foods
  6. Breast Enhancement Pills

Breast Enhancement Pills

The female body enhancement market today offers several different brands of pills, such as Breast Actives, that claim to enhance breasts effectively and safely. Most of these pills are based on formulations of herbal ingredients that are rich sources of substances known as Phytoestrogens. These are substances found in certain specific plants and herbs that are similar in chemical structure to the female hormone, estrogen. By virtue of this similarity, phytoestrogens can mimic the action of estrogen, to stimulate estrogen receptors within the breasts, leading to further development and growth of under-developed boobs.

Some of the common herbal ingredients in these pills can include:

  • Blessed thistle
  • Fennel seed
  • Dong quai
  • Fenugreek
  • Saw palmetto

The enhancement results can vary between individuals and from brand to brand. Before you opt for a particular brand of breast enhancement pills, you should carefully research the reviews and get informed about the brand reputation in the marketplace.

Also, be aware that these pills can affect your hormonal balance. So, do not use them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a past history of cancer.

Breast Enhancement Creams

Similar to breast pills, these creams are also based on herbal ingredients that contain Phytoestrogens, which can help increase breast size and improve breast shape. Additional ingredients in these creams often include Vitamin E and Collagen, with the objective of improving skin texture and tone.

One advantage that is claimed for creams over pills is that the active ingredients are applied directly to the area where they are targeted. This may make them more effective and with less chance of side-effects. However, these claims are unproven so far.

An incidental benefit of using a cream is that you have to massage it into your breasts, which can help improve blood circulation in the region and can help improve the tone of your boobs.

Comprehensive System of Both Pills and Cream

Breast Actives pills and creamSome natural breast enhancement packages are offered as comprehensive systems, comprising breast enhancement pills plus breast enhancement cream. This combination can make the product more effective and faster acting. However, you still need to do thorough research into the reputation and customer reviews before you choose a particular product.

If you opt for Breast Actives, you’ll be getting a Comprehensive System comprising breast pills plus breast cream plus breast exercises, that definitely does work. It is a Market Leader among natural enhancement products and has many thousands of satisfied users.

Breast Improvement Exercises

Special targeted breast exercises can enhance the breasts. Exercises alone cannot actually increase breast size since the breasts are made up of fat and no muscles are involved. However, a properly developed exercise regime can provide improved lift and tone to the boobs, making them look more full and attractive. This is achieved by developing the pectoral muscles that lie behind the breasts.

The following exercises are known to improve breast appearance and breast health:

  • Floor Push-Ups
    Place your hands on the floor palms facing downwards. With arms straight, position hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend elbows to lower yourself to the floor, with back straight. You should feel a tightening of the pectoral muscles.
  • Pectoral Push
    Get a small pair of dumbbells, or even two packets of flour. Lie down on the floor with knees bent. With the weights in each hand, stretch your arms outwards to form a ‘T’ with your body. Slowly raise your hands with the weights in front of your body keeping elbows straight. Hold for a few seconds then lower your hands down again.
  • Butterfly Push
    While seated in a chair, with back straight, raise your arms with the weights in each hand, to right angles with your body. Slowly bring you arms to the front of your body till your hands meet. Hold for a few seconds and return your arms to their original positions.

Other Tips to Make your Boobs Look Sexier

High Quality Padded Bra

Buy a good quality bra with padding to immediately improve the appearance of your breasts while you pursue an effective breast enhancement program. Using a high-quality, properly fitting bra is also important for keeping your breasts firm and avoiding drooping.

Eat Foods Known to Enhance Breasts

To supplement your natural breast enhancement program and speed up the process, you can eat more foods that are rich in Phytoestrogens. See this list of Phytoestrogen-rich food sources. These foods are good for your over-all health and will help to further enhance the breast improvement effects of breast pills and cream.